Communicating with Bengali

When meeting people for a specific problem or situation, most of the time there will first be small talk, before the actual topic is addressed. My advice is to go along and smoothly try to find a way to ask the questions you want to ask and ask more than once, in different ways to check if the answer remains the same. Don’t expect a clear ”yes’ or ‘no’ answer! Directly answering questions can be considered as arude way of communicating.

Don’t show too much emotion during business or formal conversations. Being emotional is seen as a weakness in a person and will devalue your
authority. Keep in mind that your direct communication style will not be understood by locals and may even be seen as rude. It may also be that the information you are giving, in the eyes of a Bengali, is totally irrelevant.

Personal space
Bengali don’t keep personal spaces that much when they speak to someone of the same gender. This even applies to formal an d business meetings.
However when a lady is involved the ‘personal space’ should be enlarged. .